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    As a qualified Coach my aim is to introduce people from all backgrounds to this wonderful sport with an emphasis on fun, learning, adventure and inclusivity.​



    Tie your own fly, learn new casting skills, and maybe catch dinner.

    • Traditional Trout / Grayling. Dry & Nymph.

    • (English / Scottish / Euro & Japanese Style).

    • Fly fishing for course anglers: Carp on the fly off the top.

    • Silver fish Roach & Rudd.

    • Predatory Pike & Perch using streamers.




    Old school traditional techniques float and worm style fishing. Mixture of modern and classic vintage tackle your choice to suit your mood.

    Good fish handling - Barbless hook - Catch & Release policy.


    Seaflyfishing is an accessible cheap form of angling that is all about  new experiences,  wild & wonderful locations and meeting like minded people.

    "Bonkers Bass & Mullet Madness."

    Please feel free to contact me for casting coaching, fishing safaris, fly tying and adventure days based in Devon the home of flytastic salt water fishing.

    Email :

    Phone:  0771 4107823

    LOCATED  West Sussex / Devon.

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